Bigas Global

Since 1949, at Bigas Global we have been experts in the engineering, design and manufacture of boilermaking and machinery for the meat and food industry at an international level. We carry out industrial fluid installations at a national level and climate and industrial maintenance installations in the province of Girona. We also perform various activities united by the aim of optimising our clients’ industrial processes and contributing to making them more efficient and sustainable.


We design and manufacture equipment for by-product treatment plants according to the client’s needs, always providing innovative technical solutions that allow us to adapt the machinery to the particularities of each company and its products.


We get fully involved in the projects and we always respond efficiently and quickly. Commitment and professionalism define us.

Six divisions, a single objective

Our activity is divided into six areas, aimed at different industries, which pursue the same objective: to help companies, through our machinery, to increase their efficiency without harming the environment. We also offer services as installers and advisors, providing all our knowledge in the fields of fluid, steam and by-product installations.


Most of our projects are related to the transformation of elements from nature: animal waste is converted into fats and flours; meat and vegetable products, into products for human consumption; steam, into energy; water and air, into cold and heat. We can therefore say that nature and its processes are a constant source of learning for us. In them we find the impulse that leads us to innovate and create food machinery and industrial facilities that make the most of what the natural environment offers us, whilst respecting and taking care of it.




Our facilities, which include production, technical office and administration centres, are located in Girona, in a green area just a few minutes from the city centre, at the foot of the Montjuïc mountain. We are only sixty minutes away from France and also from Barcelona, a strategic location with very good national and international communications that allows us to serve with agility and speed throughout the national territory and to connect logistically with any point on the planet.



Our production structure is divided into four specialised centres:


– Boilermaking centre: This is where we manufacture the pressure apparatus in steel, series and size.

– Mechanical centre: We carry out the mechanisation of the parts that make up our equipment.

– Stainless steel centre: This is the area where we manufacture stainless steel pressure vessels, in series and to size.

– Electrical centre: We carry out all electrical and mechatronics work related to electrical and control panels.



Opened in 2019, they include the technical office and the administration, finance and management areas. They also include customer service areas.



We carry out small-scale pilot tests and test possible improvements applied to boilers, batch-cookers, boilers, boiling pans, autoclaves and food machinery.



This is our own warehouse where all Bigas Global equipment is self-stocked with any product or material needed.


The Bigas Global team is made up of more than 80 people, many with a long history within the company and others more recently incorporated, but with the same involvement and passion for their work. The inner workings of Bigas Global are kept by the hard work of our team. They are highly qualified professionals, mostly technicians in the fields of engineering, design, mechanics, automation, control systems and air conditioning, who are constantly being retrained in order to be able to apply the latest technical innovations.


We are machinery manufacturers but the great value of our company is the people who make it possible.



It sets the direction of the company, determines the opening of new markets and ensures the achievement of the objectives, always in coherence with the values that define us.



They deal with the relationship with the customer, advising them and defining which machinery best suits their needs. They monitor the entire project until delivery and assembly.



They carry out the relevant engineering and design work to generate projects that will make it possible to manufacture the equipment. The technical secretariat is in charge of managing the corresponding orders and budgets. This technical area coordinates the work of all the departments involved in a project to ensure that the planned deadlines are met.



Divided into a boiler centre, a mechanical centre, a stainless steel centre and an automation and control centre, they are responsible for manufacturing the equipment that has been previously designed by the technical office. Each centre has its own manager and everything is supervised by a quality technician.



They supply all Bigas Global staff with the necessary material for the production of food machinery, by-product plants and installations, as well as for their maintenance.



They carry out commissioning and maintenance at national and international level.



They ensure that all the products that leave Bigas Global are of the highest quality in accordance with the relevant approvals.



With the aim of innovating and providing the best service, this department is dedicated to creating new products, updating existing ones and providing solutions tailored to the needs of the customer.



We have delegations and sales offices in Spain, different European areas and South America, as well as in Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Ecuador and Russia.

International presence

We provide innovative technical solutions that allow us to adapt the machinery to the particularities of each company and its products at an international level.

A family business that is committed to professionalism, but without unnecessary rigidities.
From the first moment until the last, we are involved 100% in the work and we are present at all times.
We know what it means for a company to have a machine down and that is why we work well and as fast as possible.
We find technical solutions that we personalise and adapt to the specific needs of each client and project.
We research and develop innovative projects that help to optimise processes.
We are committed to functionality in all areas; it is the best way for projects to achieve their objectives.
We do what we say, we say what we do and we keep our promises. That's why our clients trust us.
We like to be straightforward and clear in everything we do.
Personality Our talent makes us unique


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