Efficient Industries



  1. We adapt to our customers’ needs. That’s why the plants we create are ever the same.

  2. We close the production circle. We manufacture all machinery entirely in-house.

  3. We believe that functionality must mean practical and efficient processes.

  4. We work to offer you the best technical solutions.

  5. We only use materials of the highest quality; this has an impact on the performance and durability of the products.

  6. We believe in innovation and continuous improvement.

  7. We are fully involved in every project and we always respond.

  8. We treat our customers the way we like to be treated.

  9. We strive to give back to nature what it gives us.

  10. Quality is the ultimate goal of all our projects.


We are an ethical company that cares about people and the environment. We do our utmost to offer efficient products and services, always practising values that make us unique, highly competitive and trustworthy, that’s how we earn the title of Efficient Industries.


We adapt to your needs

We offer our customers customised projects and technical solutions. We adapt to the specific needs of each company and our technical department develops the optimal machinery to improve their productivity, saving resources and generating the minimum carbon footprint. We first analyse how they work, what their facilities are like and what products they produce. Once the project is defined, we offer a comprehensive service that allows us to carry out turnkey installations. We take care of everything so that the client does not have to worry about anything.


The human touch defines us

We offer a close and personalised service to our customers. We are a family business and this shows, because from apprentices to management we get fully involved in the projects. Our customers know our staff by name, and vice versa. At Bigas Global, technicians are not numbers, but people who carry out their work rigorously without losing the human factor. The teams that work on each project are stable, which facilitates the traceability of the work carried out and allows us to resolve possible breakdowns quickly. We stand by the side of our clients at all times and are in constant communication with them.


We respond quickly and efficiently

We respond as quickly as possible to the demands of our customers. In the event of any incident, we act with agility and we are at the customer’s side until the problem has been solved. We react immediately, we get involved to the maximum and we never leave anyone unattended, because we know that a company with a machine down or a system underperforming means losses at all levels.


Boilermakers since 1949

As a company, we have a long history, this means that we can move anticipate problems and that we have the resources to solve any challenge that comes our way. The Bigas Global team is made up of highly qualified professionals in the fields of engineering, air conditioning, mechanics and electricity who have extensive experience in the sector, and this is a guarantee of success for all the projects we carry out.


We are environmentally responsible

We have the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate and we ensure that all our activities have the minimum ecological impact possible: we use products with the minimum polluting agents, we comply with the AC gas regulations, we separate waste and we have specific tanks to clean machinery and prevent spills. We are supplied with 100% green energy and we have solar panels that heat all our facilities.

The aim of our activity is to take advantage of the elements that nature offers us in a sustainable way. Since the beginning of the company, we have made every effort to achieve this. We were pioneers in the construction of steam generators that used biomass as fuel and since then we have not stopped improving them. The same goes for the by-product treatment plants created to reduce the environmental burden of animal waste.


We seek continuous improvement

Since Bigas Global’s beginnings, research to improve our products has been constant. The R&D&I area works to anticipate the demands of the different sectors we work for and offer them innovative solutions. We have the Innovative SME seal, awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), which highlights the innovative capacity of the company and recognises the title of Efficient Industries and the many pioneering projects we have carried out, including:

  • Pigheat, a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, which enabled the creation of an industrial plant in which pig hair is transformed into fuel.
  • A system for detecting water levels in steam boilers using temperature sensors.
  • Press for continuous pressing of food fats.


We have a global presence

We have offices in Valencia and Portugal and representatives in Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Ecuador and Russia. We have installed by-product plants in Spain and Portugal, as well as in other countries such as Greece, Chile, Ecuador, Algeria, Chad and Angola. Our boilers can be found in many of these countries and also in Russia, Colombia, India, Morocco, Algeria, Latvia and Colombia. The training of our team, the production capacity of our workshops and our working method allow us to manufacture machinery and by-product plants that we can transport and install anywhere in the world with full guarantees.


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