This premise has accompanied the company in general, and the RD department in particular, over the years. Our eagerness to solve our customers’ difficulties in an increasingly technological sector has led us to allocate more and more resources to this end, and from there, to consolidate a specific department that is continually transforming, capturing the sector’s shortcomings and studying how to solve them.

This dedication has resulted in many innovative projects of different scales, the most ambitious of which have been awarded public aid by the Centre per al Desenvolupament Tecnològic Industrial (CDTI).


Undoubtedly, the project that stands out from the rest is the well-known PIGHEAT, which was worthy of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement no. 738874″, where we designed a plant capable of transforming pig hair into a high-calorific fuel with excellent properties for combustion.


Thanks to everything described above, finally on 06/05/2020 we received the SME INNOVATOR SEAL awarded by the General Directorate for Innovation and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO). This seal confirms the quality of the services offered by Bigas Global and shows the innovative character and capacity of the company.


Some references

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