Our history


Bigas Global was born in Girona, in a small boilermaking workshop located in Carrer Figuerola, in 1949. Francisco Bigas and Lluís Alsina joined forces to create a business dedicated to the manufacture of boilers and pressure vessels. They began by assembling iron heaters with a coal boiler, but little by little the company specialised, moving into the industrial and meat sectors.


The business grew, especially with the meat sector companies in the surrounding area. This meant developing all kinds of machinery adapted to the processing systems of each producer and learning to respond quickly to the changes that this industry often has to face. From then on, Bigas Global has distinguished itself by manufacturing machinery according to the specific needs of each customer.

The evolution of the company

With the sons of the founders, Francesc and Frederic Bigas and Josep Alsina, became a part of the business, the company experienced a strong impulse and moved to the current facilities located in the northern part of the city. With the opening of the new factory in 1969, Bigas Global became a brand. The new production area, consisting of an iron boiler workshop and a machining centre, enabled the first batch-cookers to be manufactured and the production of vertical biomass steam boilers to be increased, which became a great success in the wake of the oil crisis of the 1970s.


The incorporation of the third generation of the family into the business, with Enric and Frederic Bigas as operational managers, meant that in the 1980s the rendering division, dedicated to the design and manufacture of by-product processing plants, was consolidated and began to be installed all over the world. At that time, the company already had a building dedicated to electrical work.


The growth of the company led to the expansion of the industrial maintenance service, boiler maintenance and maintenance of fluid installations throughout the Girona area, which allowed us to significantly expand our client portfolio by entering new sectors such as hotels, health, education and other sectors related to public buildings.


In 1992, Bigas Global took another step in its growth by incorporating its own stainless steel workshop and a machining workshop into the company structure. Later, in 2019, the new technical offices were created, reflecting the avant-garde vision that the company has and its innovative spirit open to expanding new horizons. As of the year 2020 the company has consolidated its internationalization process, for this reason as of the beginning of the year 2023 it is renamed BIGAS GLOBAL, a new brand that reflects what our organization is and represents, a comprehensive and global engineering service , design and manufacture of boilermaking and machinery for the meat and food industry.


Key moments in Bigas Global’s trajectory:


1949 – Start of the business · Center of Girona.
1960 – Manufacture of vertical steam boilers.
1969 – Birth of the Bigas Global brand · Transfer to the current facilities.
1980 – Expansion of the by-product plants.
1990 –Expansion of the maintenance service.
1992 – Own stainless steel workshop and machining workshop.
2000 – Obtaining the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 certification.
2006 – Inauguration of the laboratory and R+D+i center.
2019 – New technical offices.
2020 – Obtaining the INNOVATIVE SME accreditation.
2020 – Obtaining the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and UNE-EN-ISO 45001 certification for different activities.
2023 – Consolidation of internationalization and brand change to Bigas Global.

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Starting a business
Center of Girona
Manufacture of vertical steam boilers 1969
Expansion of by-product plants Birth of the Bigas Global brand
Transfer to current facilities
Key moments
of the trajectory of Bigas Global


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