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In by-product treatment facilities, three concepts are key: understanding, adapting and applying.


-Understanding the needs and particularities of the customer.

-Adapt our processing lines to these specifications.

-Applying the necessary machinery and technologies in the right measure.


At Bigas Global, our engineering and manufacturing teams understand that each plant has its own particularities and that to achieve excellence we must combine the best technology with the utmost commitment.

Main products

We design and manufacture turnkey plants, from the reception of the by-products to the storage of the final product.



BIALSA batch-cookers are equipment of proven capacity, resistance and durability, with a wide range of capacities from 500 to 16000 litres.

Their special design gives them a large evaporation surface and a wide possibility to adapt different equipment options in fields such as process control, vapour filtering system or optimisation of sterilisation or pasteurisation processes.

digestor BA16000VE


Depending on the model, BIALSA metal detectors can be used at different stages of the process, either in the elimination of metals in the raw material line or with the product once it has dried.

Our technical specialists will advise you on which type of detector is best suited to your needs.

Detector de metales para rendering


An important element in the rendering plants are the continuous presses.

These presses, resistant and safe, subject the greaves in the dry process to high pressure in order to obtain a cake with a low fat content.

They are supplied with a fat extraction system, pre-heater, hydraulic unit and process control panel.

Prensa continua para rendering


Bigas Global, S.A. began years ago in the study of blood to find out the best systems for treatment and coagulation. Blood is a highly perishable and highly polluting product that needs to be treated in a way that it does not pose a problem in any way for the company that processes it.


For this reason, we have a catalog with a wide variety of equipment, and not just coagulators that, according to different criteria (whether in transport, loading, heating, etc.) will be able to adapt in the best way to your company.

Coagulador de sang amb agitador 2000Lt
Coagulador de sang BA3000CSV-P


We have a wide range of grinding mills, adapted to different uses; mills for carcasses, with one or two shafts, fine particle mills and super-fine particle mills, for a more demanding grinding.

Triturador BA-630 para rendering
Molí BA-100


No two storage hoppers are the same, as hoppers are perhaps the element that, due to their size, are most conditioned to be implemented.

Their design is adapted according to the product and the intended use, whether for storing feathers, meat and bones, flour or as an intermediate process buffer, always taking care to ensure that they are easy to clean and that the recommended hygiene standards are followed.

Tolva crus / crudos, sector rendering


Different products and capacities require different types of conveyors, with different diameters, materials, bearings, shapes, power and lengths.

For each application we have in our catalogue the conveyor that best adapts to each function with a design that confers reliability and safety, with safety systems of at least level 3.


The last stage in flour production, before storage, is the milling process. Once the fat has been extracted from the greaves and duly cooled, this last step is used to achieve the desired texture in the flour, with a low outlet temperature and without the emission of particles to the outside.

Our range of mills allows a quality production from low production to high capacity.


We are specialists in the treatment of meat by-products and therefore know how to handle the product at each stage of production. Bigas Global’s range of fat transfer pumps is perfectly adapted to each extraction point, so that the operation of the plant is agile, easy to maintain and uncomplicated.

bombeo rendering, bomba



21st century by-product treatment plants must be clean, easy to maintain, silent, easy to control by a single operator and, of course, odour-free. Odours are no part of a by-product plant and our odour capture and treatment equipment and systems take care of that.



After drying the by-product, the extracted vapours must be condensed. This prevents the spread of bad odours, but it should not be forgotten that a large amount of energy is also released with these vapours. It is our responsibility to recover this energy and make the installation more efficient. Efficiency and care for the environment mark our designs.

Intercambiador rendering 10000 VE



In order to achieve a good milling process and optimum flour quality, it is important to control the temperature of the product. Finishing the production process at a low temperature will ensure that the flours produced are in optimum condition and better appreciated on the market.

Enfriador chicharrones BA-4000 -2MC


digestor BA16000VE


Slide prensa continua mig Continuous
Detector de metales para rendering Digestor BA16000VE para rendering Digesters Moli BA-100 Metal detectors Crushers


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