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Bigas Global offers the following services:


  • Stainless steel installations for sanitary products (food and pharmacy).

  • Solar installations.

  • Installation and legalisation of tanks for the storage of petroleum products, for heating (IP.03) and for vehicles (IP.04).

  • Maintenance contracts for natural gas and propane.

  • Installation and legalisation of propane gas tank installations and propane cylinder batteries.

  • Installations in plastic materials: multilayer, polypropylene, polyethylene, PEX, ABS, CPVC, PVC, PP-HT.

  • Treatments for the prevention and control of legionella.

  • Compressed air installations and legalisations and periodic inspections of air tanks.

  • Repair of safety valves, both for fixed installations and for road transport tanks.

  • Thickness measurements of sheet metal by means of ultrasound.

  • Hydrostatic tests up to a pressure of 1000 bar.

  • Installation of plants for recharging diving cylinders.

  • Construction of high-pressure filters for scuba tank refilling plants.

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